I started getting massages about 6 years ago. I began with the 60 minute massage, but it didn't take me

long to graduate to 90 minutes. Being a fitness fanatic I soon realized the benefits of massage therapy  for muscle relaxation. Having said that, the additional benefit is the relaxation for the mind. We all have some stress in our lives, whether big or small and there is no better remedy for the mind than a massage to

relieve that stress. For that reason I rarely miss  my 90 minute massage every 4 weeks (sometimes 3!!!)



Beatriz is a fantastic massage therapist! We always look forward to our regular bi-weekly massage with eager anticipation. As two very busy professionals, with much pressure and stress in our workaday careers, our sessions with Beatriz do much to relieve the tensions of modern life. We always leave her salon relaxed and reinvigorated. We both also participate regularly in sporting activities and vigorous exercise that sometimes leaves our 60-plus year bodies with painful injuries. Beatriz's knowledge of human anatomy and various massage techniques have repeatedly gotten us back into the gym and into our conditioning routines. We recommend her enthusiastically.
Bland & Maria


Chronic neck and shoulder pain due to damage to most of my cervical discs has made even daily activities

a real challenge. I’ve received massage weekly from Beatriz for the last five years and can honestly say

that my quality of life has improved greatly. She continues to educate herself and often tries new

techniques to improve my pain level.



Long work hours sitting at a keyboard often makes me stiff and achy. Regular massage along with as much exercise as I can fit into my busy life keeps me able to enjoy fun activities with my 8 year old grand-daughter! Beatriz truly has a healing therapeutic touch.



After two car accidents, my neck was always in pain and was very stiff.  I then began having vertigo symptoms and it was so bad the chiropractor suggested I see a massage therapist because he did all he could do. I tried a few different massage therapists until I found Beatriz. She has done wonders for my

neck and I no longer have pain or dizziness. Thank you Beatriz for your expertise in removing pain from muscles, tendons and joints!  You truly  have a healing touch.


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